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Auto-Entrepreneur: How To Find Finding Clients

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Once your self-business is created, you will have to find customers and increase your sales to develop your business and be able to make a living from it. Unfortunately, having skills in one area and having a taste for a job well done will not be enough to attract your potential customers! And the worst part of all this is that many auto-entrepreneurs embark on the adventure without having really thought of a strategy to attract prospects to them and turn them into customers …

Knowing how to sell its products and services is a crucial skill in the activity of any micro-enterprise. If many auto-entrepreneurs embark on the adventure starting from an idea or a concept that is close to their hearts, it is vital to know how to increase sales in order to develop their activity in a sustainable manner.

Whether it is a website, a blog or profiles on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.), it is important to identify the communication platforms that will suit you best. – the main thing is not to be present everywhere, but to be where your potential customers spend time online. We are talking about marketing strategy, a key skill to sustain your business. Indeed, marketing allows you to know where, when and through which communication channels to reach your potential customers .

When you launch your micro-business, it is good to pay particular attention to your brand : name, chosen colors, logo… so many elements that will set the tone for your website and your profiles on social networks. Make sure every page on social media is consistent with your brand Рyour potential customers should be able to recognize you immediately no matter which site they use.

Also make sure to fill in all your profiles as completely as possible , in order to give all the useful information to your prospects. You can also add links to your social networks from your website, and vice versa, to create an interconnected online presence.

How To Develop Your Business Strategy?

In self-business, it is often advantageous to focus on the local network in order to develop strong connections – thus improving your local visibility and increasing your chances of making sales.

Whether online or not, register your micro-business in local directories and directories such as the Yellow Pages for example, or a directory specific to your city, region or activity. The Google My Business page is also very useful for having visibility at the local level.

You can also get closer to the town hall of your locality and ask to appear in the monthly magazine of your municipality . If you have a local business, it can help you quickly get to know the people in your town!

Do not hesitate to participate in local events : fairs, festivals – if the theme corresponds to your activity, it can be interesting to see what is going on around you in order to meet other self-entrepreneurs or potential clients. Networking is also a good way to make yourself known to other freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs : if these will not necessarily become customers directly, they can recommend you to their customers or acquaintances who will be interested in what your business. offers. To naturally develop your local network, you can for example go to work from time to time in a coworkingspace . This type of space is particularly conducive to networking!

When setting up your business, you will have to take out insurance to cover all the risks to which your activity exposes you. A disaster can deeply disrupt your business: if you are not properly insured, you can weaken your business, even jeopardize its sustainability. And while it may seem obvious to you to protect your business, don’t neglect to protect yourself and your family.

Insure your professional activity

You will first have to insure your premises. To be truly protected, be sure to guarantee all the content (stocks, machines), to choose all the necessary guarantees, and be vigilant on the compensation method (new or application of obsolescence). If you practice your activity at home, you must take out professional insurance to cover all events related to this activity that are not covered by home insurance.

Also insure your operating loss in the event of a major claim to cover your fixed costs. If you have professional vehicles, also consider insuring them, as well as the goods you transport. Finally, do not forget to insure yourself as a business owner to continue to receive income if you have to interrupt your activity following an accident or illness.

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